A-iPower 5,000-Watt Gasoline Powered Manual Start Generator with GFCI Outlets

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Item ASIN: B01C7J3H42
Top Feature :
5,000 Starting Watts / 4,250 Running Watts with Manual Start

Item Description:

A-iPower 5,000 watt gasoline powered portable generator with manual start. The Power for Home and Work. This A-iPower SUA5000 is purpose-built for you. It can be used for your home, your jobsite and recreational use like RVing. The generator has the ability to provide 4,250 running watts while maintaining its compact design and lightweight for versatility and mobility. The generator has the ability to meet all your power needs like powering up lights, TV, refrigerator, pump, and fan all at the same time or work for your motor-driven power tools which require greater surge watts. The generator features an easy to reach, ergonomically angled compact control panel which conveniently provides easy, user-friendly access and visibility to the panel. Has DC adapter plug for charging battery or use with USB adapter, for your convenience a 30 Amp RV adapter is also included. A key component to a powerful and reliable generator is powerful and reliable engine. This generator is powered by A-iPower 223cc / 7.5HP OHV engine which delivers just that and more. This engine provides the necessary power without sacrificing fuel efficiency or reliability. Its overhead valves help deliver consistent power time after time. Its cast iron sleeves provide durability while extending the life. The dual element air filter protects the engine while allowing extended service interval. The low oil alert shuts down engine automatically to protect engine from potential damage. Its oversized recoil cover allows for maximum air flow for improved ventilation and cooling, this provides improved performance and longer life. Combined with an efficient high output alternator designed and manufactured by Senci, this makes the generator delivers greater peak wattage when starting motor-driven tools and appliances. With a large 4.0 gallon heavy duty all steel construction fuel tank with built-in fuel gauge, it provides an average run time of 9 hours at 50% load. The generator operates at 68dBA. Powerful, Portable, Tough, Compact, Reliable, Purpose-Built are the words for the A-iPower SUA5000 generator.

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