Firman P03605 Performance Series 3650 Watt 120/240 No Wheel

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Top Feature :
4550 Starting Watts / 3650 Running Watts

Item Description:

The FIRMAN P03605 generator features 4550 starting Watts and 3650 running watts. 120V/2140V selectable power is supplied by our Max Pro Series 208cc FIRMAN engine which runs cool and efficient thanks to its Phoenix Fat Head Block. Our Whisper Series muffler keeps the P03605 running a quiet 68 decibels. The industry-leading 5-gallon fuel capacity provides a huge 14 hours of run time. The FIRMAN Volt Lock automatic voltage regulator ensures clean, consistent power output from the FIRMAN Power Stream alternator. Everything you need comes standard in the box including: oil, funnel, owners manual, spark plug wrench, and two wrenches to remove protective shipping brackets.

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